Thursday, May 15, 2014

Black "Mass" and the Abducted Nigerian Girls

As members of the Body of Christ, we understand that all sin is corporal, that is, every time I sin, it affects the entire Body, all of us.  As the sad story of the 300 + Nigerian school girls abducted by Boko Haram continued to unfold on the World News Stage, something newsworthy happened at Harvard University on the other side of the world. Such vile and indefensible actions as the Black “Mass” have been going on in secret for a very long time.  However a new level of audacity by the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club was reached when they chose to callously advertise that they had a consecrated host (i.e. – Jesus) in their possession and that they planned to inflict their despicable ceremony on Him. 
The unholy convergence of a Satanic Temple and our nation’s most prestigious university highlights just the sort of extremist sin which tends to lead to more extremist sin at the other end of the cultural-political-philosophical spectrum.  As soon as I heard about the planned Black “Mass”, it was linked in my mind and in my soul, to Boko Haram’s kidnapping of the Nigerian school girls.  God seemed to be showing me something here.  In the Mystery of the Body of Christ, the evil plans to desecrate the Eucharist and gleefully publicize it under the banner of elitist education and tolerance directly led to the Nigerian school girls being kidnapped, some killed, others sold into slavery, others into sexual slavery, right out of their school. 
Then I learned that Boko Haram translates to “Western Education is Evil”.  This violent group exists to combat this perceived evil.  Suddenly the inevitable kernel of truth behind the warped and broken reasoning of Boko Haram is exposed.  Calling bigotry and mockery “cultural education” is evil.  Only in heaven will we see exactly how evil in God’s eyes.

The Nigerian school girls knew they were in danger.  They knew that attempting to prepare for testing to keep up with their now banned studies could cost them everything.  Sharia Law forbids all girls, Muslim or not, to receive an education.  These girls were not hoping to go to school so that one day they could be at a ridiculously costly university and have the opportunity to mock the very source and summit of faith for 1.2 billion people.  They just want to learn so that they can have a future with hope.
The irony that adherents to this Puritanism on Steroids religion will sell pure young girls into prostitution and call it service to those girls’ Maker, seems lost on Boko Haram.   The sin and evil that this Muslim group is encouraging by feeding the supply chain of child sex slavery is also the ever-present sin which forms the foundation of the Satanic Temple itself.  Check out their website if you can stomach it.  You might want to say a St. Michael prayer before and after, and keep your Holy Water and Blessed Salt handy. 
These lost souls aid, abet and boldly support sex crimes against children.  In fact their leaders are registered sex offenders for the crimes they have been convicted of.  Imagine what goes on in secret.  On second thought, don’t.  Just pray for them.    
Sadly, the words, “Boko Haram” do hold that kernel of truth these days.  The Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club has proven it.  The hypocrisy of Boko Haram profiting and “serving God” with evil of selling girls into slavery, rape, prostitution and death truly boggles the mind.  But then so does the hypocrisy of calling hatred and desecration “tolerance” at a school founded by Christians.  Harvard’s motto is simply, “VERITAS”, Latin for “TRUTH”.  Perhaps the coat of arms should be inverted these days, as they seem to prefer to serve the Father of Lies. 

In the end the Black “Mass” was held above the Hong Kong Restaurant with about 50 lost souls in attendance, whilst downstairs patrons sipped or swigged the famous, “Scorpion Bowl” cocktails oblivious to what was going on over their heads.  Across the Square hundreds of the faithful and their friends of good will exercised their freedom to practice their faith and honor Our Lord.  In the end reparation was made and Love was loved. 

I pray that as we continue to pray for the lost souls of the Satanic Temple, the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club and of Boko Haram, those prayers and the acts of Love at St. Paul’s Church on Harvard Square will affect the Body of Christ in an opposite and over-abundance-of-grace-way.  I pray that the Nigerian girls will be freed.  Some are lost to their families forever already.  But none, not one, is lost to God.

Praise You, Jesus.

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