Saturday, October 30, 2010

Injustice is Temporary

Injustice is temporary; it is of time. In the same way that Faith and Hope are temporary, once we get to heaven, injustice too will cease to exist. God, who is Love, will judge and no injustice will stand. Justice is outside of time; it is eternal. In the same way that Love is the greatest virtue and Love never ends and Love is eternal -- Justice too will reign forever.

Mercy is boundless. God’s mercy is inexhaustible. But alongside His perfect Mercy is His perfect Justice. Jesus has told us that now is the time of Mercy, but it shall come to an end. It comes to an end for each soul who chooses separation from Him. But Justice never ends. God is Love and God is Mercy and God is Justice. The enemy is injustice and judgment and hate. For all of those souls who turn their backs on him and turn their faces and hearts to our Lord, injustice, judgment and hate will end. Only Mercy and Justice and Love will remain. We will sing of them forever.

In these strange times where the enemy has such great success through the weapon of confusion, we are tempted to believe that injustice is an illusion. It is very real. Look at a Crucifix. It is very real. However, the enemy betrays that he too knows the limits to his power. Injustice is not an illusion, but it is temporary. This slight twist is so typical of how he works in the minds of those who are sort of seeking truth - those who are seeking a truth that is convenient and does not require them to leave any behaviors behind. So he whispers, "Injustice is an illusion; truth is unknowable; good is relative and evil does not exist."

Taking this bait leaves a sick feeling in the stomach. Listen to that feeling. It will not always be there. It will gradually be deadened. Listen to it and admit that you know there is truth, there is good and there is evil. Look at the Crucifix and listen to your heart tell you that injustice is real, but it is only temporary. The day will come, praise be to God, when His Justice will reign forever more. Please, please choose to be with Him when that day comes.