Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shower musings

It seems that I do some of my best praying and receive some amazing insights while I'm getting ready for my day. As a mom it's a time when I am alone and have a chance to spend time with God. This morning I was thinking about what a beautiful day it is and was thankful for Spring and God's renewal of nature. It made me think about the silly thing we call, "Mother Nature". Whenever there's a natural disaster some newscaster will talk about "Mother Nature's wrath". As children we were taught to care for and love our Mother Nature. Where did this come from I wondered? I'm sure if I Google it I'll find out it comes out of some pagan religion but that doesn't explain it enduring into the 21st century. I believe it is another example of the enemy turning truth on its head. Instead of revering our Blessed Mother as Queen of God's Creation, he wants us to bow down to a spirit he has benignly named "Mother Nature". As the ruler of this world, he can do this and assign this duty as he wishes (for now). Instead of us being stewards of God's creation, he wants us to be its slave. Babies can die by the thousands each day but don't disturb the spotted owls' habitat. Of course, of course we are all called to tenderly and judiciously and frugally use the gifts God has given us in this world, but human life is most precious. It is not God's hand that causes the earthquakes and typhoons and volcanoes; He is not the current ruler of this world. This increasing destruction we see is at the hands of he who wishes our destruction, not He who wishes our eternal life. Only by turning to Him and asking Him to return His hand of blessing can the seas be calmed and the storms stilled. Only when science starts with prayer will energy solutions and cures be discovered.

Discovered. Who do you think is covering? He who loves you or he who wants you dead?

Blessed Mother please help us to imitate you and do as He wills that His blessings may return to his beautiful creation. Amen.