Friday, January 23, 2009

Media Malpractice

Yesterday was the March for Life on Washington, DC. Two days after the jubilant people of this country welcomed their new president and put another nail in the coffin of racial injustice, another, even graver injustice was commemorated. The parallels are there for those who which to see. African Americans were kept as slaves because they were not considered human persons. The pre-born are allowed to be killed because they are not considered human persons. Two parallel lies and one country dumb enough to believe them. God has indeed favored our nation, but apparently it isn't because we are smart.

At the time of the abolitionists, many voices cried out against them saying, "You should be concentrating your efforts on poverty; on women's suffrage." Today Pro-Life Americans are told to go help the poor or work for peace. The things is, they do those things too and they do them more than the people who are yapping at them about their pro-life work. Go to the soup kitchens and the free health clinics and the homeless shelters and the missions. The people working there know first hand the dignity of each human life and consistently stand up for it by all of their works. These things are not mutually exclusive, but death excludes all life.

After 36 years of abortion on demand, cheap and easily available birth control, and the "sexual revolution", are we more free? The rates of rape and infidelity and divorce and prostitution and pornography and child sexual abuse, have they declined as promised? How's that working for you America? Now that you're "free", are you happier? License is not freedom. Freedom is the ability to do what you should, not to do whatever the heck your flesh tells you at the moment. Does the grossly overweight person feel "free"? Does the chain smoker feel "free"? Does the heroine addict feel "free"? Does the man who leaves his family behind to go to prison because of his child-porn addiction feel "free"? Do the children abused to make those films feel "free"? Does the 16 year old girl in a "relationship" with the 28 year old guy who is having her third abortion feel "free"? Does the woman who had an abortion 20 years ago and has been battling depression ever since and is marginalized by the pro-choice people who claimed to help her feel "free"? Only the Truth will set you free. Only Jesus can heal you from the lies you have believed and lived out. Only we can speak out for the voiceless.

Thanks be to God for the one to two HUNDRED THOUSAND people who marched on our Capital yesterday. If you watched the coverage on EWTN you saw that at least half of the people there were youths. The joke of a picture they posted in my local newspaper, The Buffalo News, showed a close up of four people, none under the age of 55 or so. Why no grand shots of the Mall like we saw two days earlier? Why did the headline say "Tens of Thousands" and not the true numbers given by the DC Police Department? This is another layer of lies and it should not be. The media understands how powerful images are so they attempted to make the Pro-Life movement look small and aging. The opposite is true. By very definition Pro-Lifers are reproducing and Pro-Choice folks are dying out. We know who wins. We must take courage and strength in these dark days. We know who wins. Alleluia.