Monday, September 15, 2014

Our Lady of Sorrows

I wrote this poem during the Ignatian Exercises last year during the weeks we prayed with the Passion.  It seems appropriate for the beautiful memorial today of Our Lady's Sorrows.

The Seventh

Have you ever
Picked up a newborn
Only to feel your heart
And your womb
Contract at once and together?
This primal longing
Now completed and fulfilled
As Mary receives Jesus’ Body
At the foot of the Cross
That I might one day
His Risen Body as Eucharist
She now receives His lifeless Body
And that final sword in Her Immaculate Heart
At the foot of the Cross
Heart, womb, soul
Can they burst?
It must not be so
If it didn’t happen here
Mine, too, will survive anything God allows
My hand in Mary’s

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