Sunday, April 15, 2012

Divine Mercy Red Velvet Cupcakes

I belong to an amazing prayer group at my parish called "Ladies of the Lord".  These wonderful ladies (and an occasional husband or two), lead by Dawn Curazzato, do the most important work of the Church; they pray.  Today they are running the now annual parish Divine Mercy Celebration, which means in addition to prayer, we offer food!  These ladies can BAKE.  I was asking Our Lord, "What could I bake that would be Divine-Mercy-ish?"   Goofy, I know, but this is my prayer life.  I kept asking and didn't feel drawn to anything.  Then I walked by my husband's Saveur magazine, which had a big slice of red velvet cake with white icing adorning the cover.  OOooH!  Red and white and bake-able!  So I settled on red velvet cupcakes as the Ladies always order a big beautiful cake for the reception.

As I was getting ready to bake I thought, "I wish I had gone to Michael's to get a pack of gold foil cupcake liners.  That would be really perfect for Jesus' big Feast."  I went hunting for my plain old white cupcake liners.  I have a pack of about 1,000 of them which I bought at a bakery supply store (I bake gluten-free goodies for sale).  I could not find the dern thing.  I searched all my usual spots; I think my Guardian Angel hid them on me.  Then I had one more spot to look where I keep some lesser used, holiday oriented things.  Nope, no white liners.  However, as I reached past the Valentine and Halloween items, my hand fell upon what felt like a brand-new pack of liners.  I pulled it out and it there it was, a pack of exactly 24 gold foil liners, pretty as could be.  Don't remember buying them, though I'm sure I did.    I joyfully baked my Mercy Cupcakes and will add them to the tables, heavy laden with God's bounty.  They probably won't be the tastiest offering there, nor even the prettiest, but to me they are just perfect.  Jesus, you are so good to me!

By the way, I looked again and my white cupcake liners were right there, in the same spot they always are...

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My Family said...

I LOVE your blog, Suellen! It's beautiful-just like you!!! You're so very smart in our faith. I have learned so much from you!!